iguan smart translation watch won the “2016 China Education Technology New Products” Award
November 22, 2016
Qingdao TV re-takes 30,000 miles of Silk Road, iguan smart translation watch acting as an “international goodwill ambassador”
September 25, 2017

“Opportunity Comes” is China’s first technology reality show. It helps ordinary people fulfill their dreams by stars introducing the latest cutting-edge technology products. In the sixth episode, Dream Stationmaster Dong Weijia will complete the challenge of learning Kunqu Opera with the help of iGuan Technology’s translation learning watch.


Zhuoqing comes from France and is very interested in Kunqu Opera. However, for Zhuoqing who only knows simple Chinese words, the first difficulty in learning Kunqu Opera is language. At this time, dream stationmaster Dong Weijia brought iGuan smart translation watch to help Zhuoqing overcome language difficulties. With the help of iguan watch, Zhuoqing arrived at Kunshan from Shanghai alone. He not only paid a visit to his teacher, but also began learning Peony Pavilion, a classical Kunqu opera. Finally, he successfully performed part of it with Dong Weijia, the Dream Stationmaster and realized his dream.


“This French boy’ persistence in his dream and his thirst for Chinese traditional culture is also touching us.” Said Mr. Qujie, co-founder of iGuan Technology, who witnessed the learning process of Zhuoqing. As a technology-based enterprise, we have the dream to help more foreigners learn Chinese culture better by iguan watch and make it a cultural ambassador of international exchanges.