AI Voice Translator

1 What is the difference between FREESAY translator and translation App?
① FREESAY translator is more professional. Its distance of voice pick-up is more than 1 meter, and the accuracy of speech recognition is higher than that of translation App.
② For many scenarios, it is not suitable for communication with mobile translation App.
③ Considering the protection of privacy, it is more appropriate to use a translation device than mobile translation App.
2Does FREESAY translator need to connect to a mobile phone?
The FREESAY translator can work independently and does not require a mobile phone or App. When using, you need to connect to the network, WiFi and mobile hotspot etc.
3How to connect to WiFi?
4How to use the translator when there is no WiFi?
① For GTA11: they can connect to WiFi.
② For GTA11 Pro: you can connect to WiFi or mobile hotspot. Alternatively, choose offline translation, and GTA11 Pro supports offline translation in 12 languages so far.
③ For GTX16: you can insert a 4G SIM card and connect to a mobile network. Alternatively, connect to a mobile hotspot. You can also choose offline translation; GTX16 supports offline translation in 8 languages.
5How to upgrade FREESAY translator?
FREESAY translator supports free online upgrade and continuously updates the software time to time.
After connecting to the network, if there is a new version update, the interface will have a system upgrade prompt and you can upgrade the system accordingly.
Alternatively, upgrade the system through the online upgrade function in the settings.
6How to set the system language?
FREESAY translator currently supports 12 system languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, and Thai.
Select system language function in the settings to set system language.
7What is the function of the Bluetooth of FREESAY translator?
It is possible to connect external devices such as Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, etc. through Bluetooth to get the translation voice of the FREESAY translator.

Lite ANC Interpretation Earphone

1How does the Lite earphones Conversation mode work?
2How does the Lite earphones Simultaneous Translation mode work?
3How to improve translation accuracy in Conversation mode?
Please press and hold the touch area of the left/right earphone, and speak after hearing the “beeping” sound; continue to hold the touch area for 1 second after speak, and then release your finger. Thus, the accuracy of translation can be greatly improved.
4The connection between Lite earphones and the phone is abnormal, what should I do?
Put both earphones into the case, and when the indicators on the earphones light up, tap the touch area of both earphones for 5 times respectively. The indicators flashing red and green alternately for 3 times and then remain red. Take out both earphones, which will automatically re-pair with each other and the indicator of the right earphone will flash red and green alternately. Search for “JoveTrans Lite” via Bluetooth on the phone and connect to it.
5If I purchase two or more language packs, how will they be timed/charged?
If you purchase two language packages at the same time and there is overlapped language in the two packs, by default, the duration will be first deducted from the language pack with less languages.
Example: If both China-America and Global packs are purchased, and when the language pair Chinese-English is in use, the duration will be deducted from the China-America pack by default. (If the duration is less than 1 minute, it will be charged as 1 minute.)

Simultaneous Translation Earphone Mix

1How to confirm the earphone is turned on?
Upon being taken out of the box, the earphone is automatically turned on to pair both earpieces.
2How to activate the earphone when it is used for the first time?
When you use the earphone for the first time, just turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and search for and pair with the Bluetooth device “JoveTrans Mix”, which will be connected automatically after being paired.
Note 1: The left earpiece is the main earpiece by default. When it is used again, the earphone will be connected to the phone automatically.
Note 2: To use the right earpiece alone, press and hold for 3 seconds for pairing, search for and connect the Bluetooth device “JoveTransR Mix”.
3Can the volume be adjusted via the earphone?
There is no volume key on the earphone. In music mode and calling mode, you need to adjust the volume via the phone. In translation mode, one earpiece is placed in the box, whose volume key can be used to adjust the volume.
4Can the box be used separately?
No. In translation mode, you need to put one earpiece in the box, which can play the translation/allow push-to-talk.
5How long can it work after being fully charged?
You can listen to music or talk for 6 hours, or translate for 5 hours after a full charge. At the same time, the box is also a power bank, which guarantees earphone battery endurance of more than 24 hours.