Language support (50+ kinds)

Chinese, English (USA, UK, AUS, IND), Japanese, Korean, German, French (FRA, CAN), Spanish (ESP, MEX, Latin America), Portuguese (BRA, POR), Russian, Italian, Arabic (UAE, KSA, EGY)

Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Cambodian, Bengali, Nepali, Javanese, Tamil, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese

Polish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Catalan, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Latvian, Serbian, Croatian, Swahili More will be updated.

Button Description

· Uncertified or incompatible power supply, charger or battery may cause fire, explosion or other dangerous situations.
· Please use a 5V 1A rated power adapter to charge the Translator. Using other type of adapter will void your warranty and violate state laws, and may cause dangerous situations.
· Use the Translator and accessories where the ambient temperature is between 0°C and 45 °C, and the storage where the ambient temperature is between -20°C and 45°C.
Low-or high-temperature conditions may damage the Translator.
· Do not expose the Translator to high temperature environment outdoor or near heat generating equipment. · When the battery is full or not being charged, pls disconnect the charger from the Translator, and remove the adapter from the power source. · Do not attempt to replace the built-in battery and accessories shall be disposed in accordance with local laws and regulation.